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To work with us means you'll receive expert help navigating the complicated professional liability insurance and cyber insurance application processes. We understand each customer’s specific underwriting exposures and work persistently to market you to multiple A-Rated insurance companies finding you the best coverages at the lowest price.

If you have any questions, please request one of our advisors or reach me personally at (515) 360-9041."

Cindy Wiedman
President of LiabilityPro Insurance Advisors


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Cyber Security Threats and the Practice of Law

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How We Help with Professional Liability Insurance & Cyber Insurance

Applications Simplified


You'll have access to multiple insurance companies with us as your broker. We help you navigate the complicated professional liability insurance and cyber insurance applications by working with you to complete our own in-house Smart Indication Form.

Needs Based Solutions


We understand your malpractice risk and recommend coverage terms based upon your unique exposures while constantly striving to bring you the best price. Our insurance companies trust us as specialists and you can benefit with lower premiums and/or better coverages overall.

Zero Cost Service


It doesn’t cost you anything to have LiabilityPro evaluate your coverage needs and find the best value in a professional liability insurance and cyber insurance policies for your premium dollar. Not all policies nor insurers are the same and we help you understand the differences.

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